Toe Raises for Healthy Aging

Toe raises — which strengthen and stretch the ankle muscles are a terrific tool for improving mobility, balance and coordination.

Falls become more common with age — one in four older Americans will have a spill every year, and a fifth of these falls will contribute to a serious injury, per the CDC — good balance is crucial for seniors.

Toe raises — which strengthen and stretch the ankle muscles are a terrific tool for improving mobility, balance and coordination.

1. They Strengthen the Shin and Ankle Muscles

Toe raises are a great exercise to help you build strength, mobility and stability in the muscles located on the front of your ankle and lower leg. 

2. They Help With Balance

To be steady on your feet, you need sufficient mobility, stability and strength in all the muscles that surround your ankle (as well as your hip). 

Toe raises also enhance your body awareness ((known as joint proprioception) at your ankle joint, which can improve your overall balance and reduce your fall risk. 

3. They Improve Ankle Mobility

Adding toe raises to your daily training can help you maintain ankle mobility, which is monumental for healthy aging. Adequate ankle mobility is needed for performing many movements in life and in the gym such as walking, running, squatting or bending down to pick something up. When your ankle joint is tight and it can’t move like it should, other joints must compensate,

4. They Boost Blood Flow to the Heart

Toe raises can even benefit your ticker. A healthy heart is linked to a longer life. Toe raises help facilitate blood flow by assisting your veins to transport blood (via muscle contraction) back to your heart. 

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