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NEW: BEST CoYo – Core Yoga with Chaula in Cupertino

Chaula posingJoining the best of CORE with the flexibility of Yoga in a fun and unique fusion of styles and exercises. Up to 5 participants for maximum individualized instruction.

Times:  Cupertino: Tuesday, Thursday 8:00-8:50am

Rate: $18 per session, 8 sessions in one month $99

BEST Balance & Core

Balancing on a log in the forestOffering continued care and wellness for those with spine, joint problems or strength deficits. This closely supervised class is designed to work every muscle in the body. Up to 5 participants for maximum individualized instruction.

Time: Cupertino: Monday and Wednesday 2:30pm-3:20pm
Cupertino: Tuesday and Thursday 7am-7:50pm
Almaden: Tuesday and Thursday 9am-9:50am
Almaden: Tuesday and Thursday 6:15pm-7:05pm

Rate: Rate: $18 per session, 8 sessions in one month $99

BEST Fit in Almaden

Designed to be a step above our popular BEST Core class. Experience exceptional results through a motivated approach. BEST Fit emphasizes functional movement to improve overall strength and conditioning. Limited to 5 participants for maximized instruction.

Times: Almaden: Monday and Wednesday, 5:45-6:45pm

Rate: Rate: $18 per session, 8 sessions in one month $99

BEST Maintenance with Adan in Almaden 

(6155 Almaden Expressway)
By Appointment Only – Monday through Friday, Saturday

Designed as the next level post physical therapy or to reach peak performance.

 Schedule with Adan (Almaden) to begin your 50-minute “just for you” appointment for therapeutic/sports massage.

Pay As You Go: $80 per session; 6 sessions for $460;
10 sessions for $760

Sports Performance

At BEST PT, we are dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their optimum level of physical performance. Whether you have a high-schooler who’s a swimming star, a Little Leaguer who is quickly picking up batting techniques, or you find yourself yearning to return to the game, our physical therapists can help with improving technique, healing any current injuries, and preventing additional injuries from occurring in the future.

We understand that youth athletes are still developing in their skills. It wouldn’t make sense to design the same treatment plans for both youth and adult athletes, or even for youth athletes of different age groups. Children have different biomechanics than adults because they are still growing – both physically and mentally. Each youth sports performance program is unique, taking into account the child’s age, level of physical activity, and their continuing physical and mental development.

Sport-specific programs prioritize important aspects of youth athletic training, such as:

  • Athletic development
  • Strength improvement
  • Power improvement
  • Speed and body awareness

The goal of these programs is to create a pre-season environment where youth athletes can enhance their skills and techniques, in order to ensure a safe and successful sports season. Our highly trained physical therapists will assist with improvements in strength, stability, and body awareness, in addition to working on jumping, landing, and cutting techniques. Perhaps most importantly, the techniques learned will significantly reduce the injury risk of ACL injuries, non-contact injuries, and overuse injuries, such as shin splints or stress fractures.

After an initial evaluation, one of our physical therapists and/or athletic trainers will design a unique plan encompassing speed, agility, footwork, strength, and injury prevention. Schedule an appointment today and achieve what can be your full athletic potential!

BEST Teen Boot Camp

Ideal for youth athletes – up to 6 athletes with one trainer working on sport specific training — dynamic stretching and strengthening, aerobic conditioning, interval, agility and sports training.

Times: Tuesday and Thursday: 8:30am-9:30am

Weekly Rate: $40, Two Weeks: $70, Three Weeks: $96, Four Weeks: $120

Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:30am-9:30am

Weekly Rate: $60, Two Weeks: $109, Three Weeks: $150, Four Weeks: $180

Injury Prevention and Running Screenings

Have you sustained a recent injury? Do you feel ready to get back into the game? It is not secret that and recreational activities can lead to injuries.
BEST PT’s sports injury screenings are custom-designed for teams, schools, organizations and individual patients. Sports injury screenings are often paired with functional movement screenings, which are used to evaluate athletes’ movement patterns, functional limitations, and joint stability when in motion.
The ultimate goal of any sports injury program is to help athletes of any age perform to the best of their abilities and to prevent injuries before they happen. Led by licensed physical therapists, athletic trainers, and physical therapy assistants who customize each program specifically for the participant’s goals. When applicable, our team of experts will work with coaching staff to properly train and help implement custom sports injury programs.
Sports injury screenings and functional screenings can be customized for:
  • Youth sports leagues
  • Adult recreational leagues
  • Soccer teams
  • Football teams
  • Baseball teams
  • Field hockey teams
  • Volleyball teams
  • Tennis teams
  • Gyms
  • And more
Call us today to learn more about our prevention, sports injury screenings and one-on-one training programs.

BEST Independent Gym Program

Allows you to work out in a safe familiar environment monitored by the BEST staff. It’s ideal for those who have completed physical therapy and may not be comfortable joining a large gym. We set up a personalized regime for you, and you will be monitored periodically during your workout.

Availability: Clinic Hours – Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

Rates: $60 per month

Teen CORE Class

This class is specifically designed to meet to needs of youth athletes and those looking to get in shape in a safe and comfortable small class setting. We can accommodate entire teams or individuals. We provide a fun, energetic atmosphere including circuit and weight training which allows teens to get in shape.

Teen and Team Training

We provide individual, small group, or entire team training sessions for teens at all fitness levels. We customize programs to meet the needs of each individual under the direct guidance of a physical therapist.

Balance Training

Many people suffer from poor balance leading to falls and difficulty with their daily activities. We offer specialized balance and vestibular training to increase function and prevent falls. Many elderly people have balance deficits, and we can help to ensure that they maintain an active lifestyle without the fear of falling.

Lymphedema Management

We provide manual treatment and education in self-care in the control of lymphedema. Additionally, we use vasopneumatic compression to decrease limb edema.

ACL and Knee Injury Prevention Program

We provide individual and small group ACL Prevention Programs that have been shown in the research to successfully identify neuromuscular risks of potential knee injuries and training to reduce those risks. Slow motion video analysis is used to assess an athlete’s movements and deficits and assist us in developing a systematic and progressive program that is specific to each athlete’s needs.  The program incorporates a dynamic warm-up, core stabilization, flexibility, plyometrics, weight training, jumping and landing education, and sport specific agility training emphasizing proper mechanics throughout each movement.

What our Patients are Saying…

Significant Progress

I’ve noticed significant progress in my rehabilitation. I would without a doubt recommend BEST PT to family, friends and a Read more “Significant Progress”


Staff are Skilled, Knowledgeable and Friendly

Every single staff person is on point. From day one when I called to schedule my first appointment and throughout Read more “Staff are Skilled, Knowledgeable and Friendly”


Help Your Quality of Life

Help Your Quality of Life. BEST makes sure you are cared for explaining and teaching you what you need to Read more “Help Your Quality of Life”


The Folks at BEST Physical Therapy Can Help!

Don’t Live with Physical Ailments! Don’t resort to steroid injections, pain pills, or simply living with physical ailments! The folks Read more “The Folks at BEST Physical Therapy Can Help!”

Bobby M.

Super Professional!

Super Professional! I enjoyed how much they got to know me, what I will be doing, and what I am Read more “Super Professional!”



I love my physical therapist.  She makes me feel so good after I’ve just beat myself up at the gym.  Read more “AWESOME!”


Two Locations

I like that BEST has two locations and has always been able to accommodate my schedule.

Bill C.

Still Feeling Great

So a year later I’m feeling great and still doing all the exercises I was taught to stay in shape! Read more “Still Feeling Great”

Andrew H.

My Physical Therapist was Amazing

My Physical Therapist was Amazing. She got right to the root of the problem and addressed each muscle individually. She Read more “My Physical Therapist was Amazing”


I Always Look Forward to My Sessions

Although getting released from physical therapy is a great thing, it can be bittersweet. I always looked forward to my Read more “I Always Look Forward to My Sessions”


I Have Made Tremendous Improvement

Kinjal is an excellent physical therapist. I made tremendous improvement under her care and guidance. Always educating her patient, smiling Read more “I Have Made Tremendous Improvement”


Incredible Overall Experience!

Incredible Overall Experience! I have been to at least seven other physical therapists in my life, but I’ve never had Read more “Incredible Overall Experience!”

Stacie B.


Phenomenal! About a year ago I had a work related injury and was referred to Best Physical Therapy by my Read more “Phenomenal!”

I Have Recommended BEST Physical Therapy

I first started PT at BEST Physical Therapy in 2008. Over the years I have been back after other surgeries Read more “I Have Recommended BEST Physical Therapy”


A God Send!

A God Send! Best Physical Therapy, Cupertino, has been a God send for our son! They have given him the Read more “A God Send!”

Brigid G.

Worked With BEST

Worked With BEST to Properly Recover. I then worked with BEST to properly recover, exercise and eliminate this from happening Read more “Worked With BEST”

Brian L.

This Place is Amazing!

This Place is Amazing! This place is amazing. The staff is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The environment is very Read more “This Place is Amazing!”

Alex Y.

I Love the BEST Approach

This is my 3rd experience with physical therapy. I never completed my treatment with the first two because I was Read more “I Love the BEST Approach”


The Premier Physical Therapy Center

The Premier Physical Therapy Center. BEST Physical Therapy is the premier physical therapy treatment center in the South Bay. I Read more “The Premier Physical Therapy Center”

Gail B.

The Fine Line

Excel at Finding the Fine Line. Both Kathy and Kathryn excel at finding the fine line between discomfort and pain Read more “The Fine Line”

Sally P.