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Telehealth FAQs

The Future of Physical Therapy and Telehealth

Due to the recent pandemic, our health landscape has been quickly shifting. Just because a pandemic is happening that does not mean people stopped having injuries, disabilities, and pain. In reality, people are likely having more issues with their bodies now due to working from home, being sedentary, and not having access to their community classes and gyms.

Benefits of Physical Therapy Telehealth:   

  • Decreased Risk of Exposure: Telehealth visits have become an essential tool for physical therapists to reach those patients without the added risk of being in public areas. Many patients are grateful to still be able to maintain their physical therapy sessions and relationship with their PTs.
  • Compliance at Home: One of the main advantages of Telehealth visits is the ability for the physical therapist to help set up a home exercise program (HEP) with the patient in their own home. The patient can show the home environment and equipment they have available to use in the sessions and independently. If the patient does not have any exercise equipment, the physical therapist can improvise with household items such as soup cans, towels or chairs.                                             
  • Combining In-Person and Telehealth Sessions: The advantage for patients is the flexibility to combine Telehealth with in-patient physical therapy. There is still no replacing the physical touch of a physical therapist; however, we now have an option to combine in-person with Telehealth visits to reap the benefits of both. Your physical therapist will help guide you to determine what is best for your rehabilitation. They can determine the best protocol for your goals. This may be having two sessions/week of in-person to take advantage of manual therapy and the use of equipment. Followed by one session/week via Telehealth to support your home exercise program.

How to Get Started with a Physical Therapy Telehealth Appointment

If you would like to conduct a Telehealth appointment, contact our clinic by calling 408-257-2225 or go online by visiting to let us know you are interested. The clinic will verify coverage with your insurance company before your treatment begins. You will then fill out patient paperwork and consent forms for Telehealth visits via email. You will need to set up the video platform through cell phone or computer camera prior to the start of your appointment. 

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath, we strive to always look through the lens of what is best of the safety of our patients and staff members. To ensure we are keeping up with the latest protocols and procedures, set by the CDC, we’ve implemented new appropriate procedures and protocols.

Here is a more in-depth look at our current practices:

Staff/Patient Protection

We are taking proper precautions necessary to We are ensure the safety and well-being of everyone within the clinic. To do so, we are implementing extra pre-screening precautions. This includes temperature readings of all staff and patients, installation of plexiglass sneeze guards at front desks, limited contact, and frequent cleaning and disinfecting of all areas.


Employees will continue to follow stringent sanitation and personal hygiene practices, including frequent hand washing, and consistent disinfecting of equipment and treatment tables. All staff members will be provided Personal Protective Equipment, including masks and gloves, to be worn at all times. We will be distributing masks, free of charge, to any patients who may not have any on hand.

Telehealth Visits
Our goal with these services is to offer safe and effective care for all individuals, regardless of their comfort levels with traveling. Please reach out to us directly by calling 408-257-2225 for more information

Telehealth Patient FAQs

What is Telehealth?

Refers to physical therapy services that are provided over a technology platform.  

How do I know if Telehealth is right for me?

We encourage you to reach out to our clinic 408-257-2225 to discuss your questions. We realize every patient is unique and we want to ensure that you are comfortable with Telehealth before you start your session.    

How can I schedule a Telehealth visit?

Telehealth visits can be scheduled by calling 408-257-2225 or requesting an appointment online through        

What equipment do I need?

Telehealth visits are conducted through audio-video chat on a device equipped with a camera such as a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. During this time, our goal is to make this process as easy as possible. Patients will have the option of utilizing Apple FaceTime or downloading Zoom to conduct a session.   

Will I be able to work with my regularly scheduled therapist?

We will make every effort to connect you with your regularly scheduled therapist given the unique circumstances during this time.        

Will my insurance cover my Telehealth visit?

Insurance may cover the session. Insurance coverage should be checked prior to the visit.  

What if I would rather visit the clinic in person, can I still come in my local BEST PT clinic?

Yes! During this time, our clinics will remain open to deliver on our promise of providing safe and effective rehabilitation services to all of our valued patients. The safety of our patients and staff is extremely important to us and we are following the guidelines of the CDC and other health authorities to provide the safest environment for all. Sanitation continues to be a top priority as we have re-emphasized to our team the importance of keeping our clinic clean as well as practicing good hand hygiene, having adequate supplies and restricting access to the clinic. All patients are to adhere to 6’ distancing and wear a mask. We are all providing a Telehealth or virtual care option for individuals who want to take additional safety precautions.

What our Patients are Saying about Telehealth…