I first started PT at BEST Physical Therapy in 2008. Over the years I have been back after other surgeries and now for a total knee replacement. The staff, from the ones who greet you at the reception desk, to the Physical Therapist, and the aides who help you do the exercises correctly, are so friendly and helpful. Over the years I have seem several different PT’s at BEST Physical Therapy who have been helpful. My husband also appreciates the treatment he has received there. 

I am currently seeing Adan after my knee replacement surgery. He is so patient, a great listener to my concerns and very kind. As I am a senior, he often has to review things with me several times, like different exercises until I finally get it. When I feel discouraged, because I get impatient with my recovery, he convinced me I am doing well and shows me his to look at my progress in a different light so that I can see I am getting better.

The space where you are treated is set up very well. The exercise equipment is monitored by the aides and the PTs to make sure it is set up correctly for each individual. I have recommended BEST Physical Therapy to all who have asked me where I have been treated.