Incredible Overall Experience! I have been to at least seven other physical therapists in my life, but I’ve never had incredible overall experiences like I’ve consistently had at BEST. From the first phone call making an appointment, through the PT and the PT Aides, everyone in the clinic is not only professional, highly-knowledgeable and trained and incredibly kind, but from the second time I was there, they knew my name and remembered the specifics of my injuries. At BEST, I am “not just another patient”…they actually CARE! ! I had severed my humerus and had taken the non-surgical approach to healing, so when I went in, my shoulder was pretty frozen. KARLO, whom I cannot recommend highly enough, took an extended time each appointment to massage and stretch me out before I was handed off to a PT Aide who would guide me through my exercises, always making sure my body was in the correct position. (And because I was also recovering from back surgery, my arm/shoulder exercises were adjusted to protect and strengthen my back, so they watched to make sure my back was safe as well.) If I ever had a question about anything, Karlo would take time out to answer them, always making sure I felt safe doing my exercises. Of the many PTs I’ve worked with over the years, Karlo is without a doubt, the best. He’s the kindest, most sensitive PT, but he is also the wisest as far as my treatment goes. Truly, I cannot recommend BEST highly enough, and I’m a tough customer. They have been an incredible blessing in my life.
Stacie B.