Don’t Live with Physical Ailments! Don’t resort to steroid injections, pain pills, or simply living with physical ailments! The folks here at BEST Physical Therapy can help! From the receptionists, to the therapy assistants, and of course the PTs themselves…all highly professional and knowledgeable.! ! I came in with sharp pain in my thoracic spine, which two doctors had diagnosed as a slightly inflammed disk. Both doctors had advised I receive trigger point steroid injections in that area of my spine…and to start a heavy dosage of ibuprofen daily (indefinitely). An MRI later confirmed this to some extent, but still didn’t explain the pain I was experiencing and the ensuing lack of mobility.! ! I decided to pursue physical therapy. After some research and asking around, I stumbled upon Mike Chin at BEST in Cupertino, CA…and couldn’t be more thankful that I did.
Bobby M.