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What our Patients are Saying…

The Folks at BEST Physical Therapy Can Help!

Don’t Live with Physical Ailments! Don’t resort to steroid injections, pain pills, or simply living with physical ailments! The folks here at BEST Physical Therapy can help! From the receptionists, to the therapy assistants, and of course the PTs themselves…all highly professional and knowledgeable.! ! I came in with sharp pain in my thoracic spine, which two doctors had diagnosed as a slightly inflammed disk. Both doctors had advised I receive trigger point steroid injections in that area of my… Read more “The Folks at BEST Physical Therapy Can Help!”

Bobby M.

Worked With BEST

Worked With BEST to Properly Recover. I then worked with BEST to properly recover, exercise and eliminate this from happening… Read more “Worked With BEST”

Brian L.

I Love the BEST Approach

This is my 3rd experience with physical therapy. I never completed my treatment with the first two because I was so unhappy with the service. After my first visit to BEST I could tell that it was different. I love the BEST approach, 30 minutes with the therapist and then you do you exercises, but you have the assistants to help you with the exercises when needed. In the past I was kinda left to fend for myself. Everyone at BEST is… Read more “I Love the BEST Approach”


Super Professional!

Super Professional! I enjoyed how much they got to know me, what I will be doing, and what I am currently doing. Super… Read more “Super Professional!”


Staff are Skilled, Knowledgeable and Friendly

Every single staff person is on point. From day one when I called to schedule my first appointment and throughout the treatment staff were helpful, professional, and overall a caring and compassionate team. Their professionalism and caring was evident not only in my treatment, but also in the treatment of other patients. Should I ever need PT again, I would not hesitate to return to BEST. I was always a part of the therapy process, if I had questions they… Read more “Staff are Skilled, Knowledgeable and Friendly”


I Have Made Tremendous Improvement

Kinjal is an excellent physical therapist. I made tremendous improvement under her care and guidance. Always educating her patient, smiling creating a positive encouraging environment. I highly recommend BEST… Read more “I Have Made Tremendous Improvement”


A God Send!

A God Send! Best Physical Therapy, Cupertino, has been a God send for our son! They have given him the confidence and support he has needed to not only deal with his injury, but actually to come out ahead. We cannot say enough about them. Thank you SOOO very… Read more “A God Send!”

Brigid G.

Two Locations

I like that BEST has two locations and has always been able to accommodate my… Read more “Two Locations”

Bill C.

The Fine Line

Excel at Finding the Fine Line. Both Kathy and Kathryn excel at finding the fine line between discomfort and pain to achieve maximum… Read more “The Fine Line”

Sally P.

I Have Recommended BEST Physical Therapy

I first started PT at BEST Physical Therapy in 2008. Over the years I have been back after other surgeries and now for a total knee replacement. The staff, from the ones who greet you at the reception desk, to the Physical Therapist, and the aides who help you do the exercises correctly, are so friendly and helpful. Over the years I have seem several different PT’s at BEST Physical Therapy who have been helpful. My husband also appreciates the… Read more “I Have Recommended BEST Physical Therapy”


Help Your Quality of Life

Help Your Quality of Life. BEST makes sure you are cared for explaining and teaching you what you need to know and do to help your own quality of… Read more “Help Your Quality of Life”



I love my physical therapist.  She makes me feel so good after I’ve just beat myself up at the gym.  I love you Venita!  You’re… Read more “AWESOME!”


Still Feeling Great

So a year later I’m feeling great and still doing all the exercises I was taught to stay in shape! I didn’t just have a Physical Therapist, I made friends in the process. Thanks to all of you I almost want to get hurt all over again so I can come back and see you… Read more “Still Feeling Great”

Andrew H.

My Physical Therapist was Amazing

My Physical Therapist was Amazing. She got right to the root of the problem and addressed each muscle individually. She identified many imbalances that ultimately caused my knee pain that I never knew I had. Even my overall posture… Read more “My Physical Therapist was Amazing”


Significant Progress

I’ve noticed significant progress in my rehabilitation. I would without a doubt recommend BEST PT to family, friends and a… Read more “Significant Progress”


This Place is Amazing!

This Place is Amazing! This place is amazing. The staff is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The environment is very professional and clean. However, most importantly this review is for Karlo. Brief history: I took a nasty fall rock climbing and ended up breaking my ankle. Since then I started my PT with Karlo at the end of September and the entire experience has been wonderful. From the moment you first walk in, you are greeted warmly by receptionist. I… Read more “This Place is Amazing!”

Alex Y.

The Premier Physical Therapy Center

The Premier Physical Therapy Center. BEST Physical Therapy is the premier physical therapy treatment center in the South Bay. I have had a great deal of Physical therapy for a rotator cuff injury as well as osteoarthritis of the knee. The quality of care and painstaking attention to detail as well as support from the physical therapists and assistants are… Read more “The Premier Physical Therapy Center”

Gail B.


Phenomenal! About a year ago I had a work related injury and was referred to Best Physical Therapy by my MD. I was apprehensive at first due to the name “Best” but quickly found out after my first visit just how phenomenal they really are! On my first visit I was treated by Karlo. He was very thorough in assessing the issues I was having and listening to what type of pain I felt as to come up with a… Read more “Phenomenal!”

I Always Look Forward to My Sessions

Although getting released from physical therapy is a great thing, it can be bittersweet. I always looked forward to my sessions because the 1:1 education and therapy helped me gain back the life I had before. From the phone calls or on-the spot scheduling appointments to my awesome therapist and PT assistants, I can’t thank you enough. I struggled to walk on two feet when I arrived. Today, I participate in CORE class, balancing and jumping. You taught and continue… Read more “I Always Look Forward to My Sessions”


Incredible Overall Experience!

Incredible Overall Experience! I have been to at least seven other physical therapists in my life, but I’ve never had incredible overall experiences like I’ve consistently had at BEST. From the first phone call making an appointment, through the PT and the PT Aides, everyone in the clinic is not only professional, highly-knowledgeable and trained and incredibly kind, but from the second time I was there, they knew my name and remembered the specifics of my injuries. At BEST, I… Read more “Incredible Overall Experience!”

Stacie B.